Roger Mayer Voodoo Blues


Roger Mayer Voodoo Blues Roger Mayer is proud to announce the Voodoo-Blues, a revolutionary new design which can be set to provide both overdrive and clean boost.

Over the years, a lot of people asked Roger Mayer to make a unique, dual purpose guitar pedal with clean sustain and overdrive that could be used with chords. He repeatedly refused to make an updated copy or clone of the Tube Screamer because he was never happy with its nasal tone and lack of detail and dynamics. An innovative design approach was needed to make a unique product that would be a significant improvement. The Voodoo-Blues is the result. A unique guitar effects pedal that uses a completely different circuit to produce a set of very musical overtones with feed forward compression as it slips into overdrive. The full dynamics and detail of the guitars tone are faithfully preserved and the unit cleans up perfectly with the guitar Volume control.

Compare the Voodoo-Blues with any type of overdrive pedal and experience the difference. You will agree that it does its job beautifully and gives the discerning player an alternative for those who demand this type of overdrive. Roger Mayer’s “Forward Ever – Backward Never” approach to effects design has fueled his success since 1964 and has enabled him to move the goal posts forwards again setting new benchmark standards.

The output level is high enough to drive the 1st Stage of Tube Amplifiers into distortion if required and the Fatness control does what it says and is not just a simple EQ section.

It has all the usual features of our Voodoo-Series pedals and is a welcome addition to the range.

Don’t imagine that it can only be used for Blues as its characteristics lend itself very well to Rock and Country as well.

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