Roger Mayer Super 57 Amp+


ANALOGUE DIRECT: Play and Record Direct with the AMP+ Series.

The AMP+ SERIES are unlike any other devices and represent the cutting edge of our new pioneering design technology in allowing you to “experience the difference” when hearing and recording guitar tones that have made rock and roll history.

You can now Play and Record Direct your choice of classic British or American flavoured guitar tones or SVT inspired Bass tones into any Recording Device, DAW or Sound System at home, studio or at a live gig with the minimum amount of fuss and equipment.

They are actually amplifiers in the own right that share the same structure, multi stage architecture and equalization as their tube counterparts.

They operate and feel just like a tube amplifier with controls all having similar function and feel. The input gain is the same as regards to distortion and the guitar behaves just as you would expect. Having real control knobs makes dialling in your sound fast and simple just treat the AMP+ as an amplifier.

Your effects pedal train can be connected into the AMP+ just as normal with no unexpected interface problems.