Kemper Profiler Player (pre-order) Levering 26 april


Levering is onderweg. Twee stuks beschikbaar. Levering verwacht op vrijdag 26 april. Wil je er zeker van zijn dat je niet misgrijpt? Bestel deze dan nu.

Rig Manager: Unprecedented full remote app control of the Player on every relevant computer platform: Mac, PC, Android tablet, Android phone, Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone.
Extended Rig management and access to 20.000 user-generated Rigs by Rig Manager on Mac and PC.
Supports the new and innovative Liquid Profiles.
Fast and seamless cross-fading Rig switching, smooth delay/reverb spillover at any time. No artificial scene handling is needed to achieve smooth transitions between rigs and FX settings.
Elaborate high-quality instrument input with 127 dB dynamic range, crucial for high-gain sounds.
Takes external distortion pedals and effects like a tube amp.
No loss of precious sound edits when powering down.
3 independently controllable output groups via XLR, Stereo Monitor, Stereo Headphone:
One ground-lifted XLR connects you directly to the FOH mixing desk at studio level, without the need for DI boxes.
Two TS jacks connect to your home studio or to one or two KEMPER Power Kabinets in full stereo.
Full support of the KEMPER Kone and KEMPER Kabinet, for full-range reproduction, as well as the highly acclaimed “Imprint” mode that creates the true “cabinet-in-the-room” sound.
Loads Cabinet IRs.
Full USB audio capabilities for play-along and professional DAWs.
Full USB midi capabilities for DAWs.
Midi program change and control through standard USB Midi adapter (not included).
Midi support for external USB foot controller.
Simple data backup/restore and software update by a USB stick in your pocket.
Keep your tablet powered the whole night by charging it through the USB jack.
Freely definable footswitches and dual footswitch combinations.
Dual expression pedal and external switch capabilities.
Unique spectral noise gate for suppressing pickup hum
The tuner always on and present
Patented “Pure Cabinet” feature for taming excessive frequency spikes of mic’ed cabinets
“Space” effect on headphones for fatigue-free rehearsing
High power headphone output

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KEMPER PROFILER Player Features Overview
Fully compatible with KEMPER PROFILER Amp Rigs
Sturdy metal pedal housing
127 dB dynamic range Guitar Input – amongst the best in the industry
3 Footswitches for Rig, FX, and Performance switching (Further control units supported)
All Push-pots for additional second-level parameter access
Amp controls Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Rig Volume
4 x PROFILER FX – 2 pre and 2 post amp stack
FX 1 and FX 2 Control and switch
High Power Headphone Output
Loads Cabinet IRs
Master Volume
Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity (Audio streaming for Spotify, etc. & ext. Control/Editing)
Connects to RigManager remote app on all relevant platforms
Supports KEMPER Kone Technology for running speaker Imprints with KEMPER Power Kabinets
Audio Interface 4/4 via USB
MIDI via USB – Supports typical USB2MIDI cables
Three separate Output Groups:
XLR FOH/ Studio Out, Independent 2 x 1/4“ TSR Jack Stereo Monitor Out, Stereo Headphone Out
USB B/A for external connections (Computer, USB Stick)
9V Power Supply
50 Rigs on board plus access to thousands of rigs from the Factory Content/ Rig Exchange etc.
Editor apps for iOS, iPadOS, Android, Kindle Fire, MacOS, Windows
Pricing and availability
The KEMPER PROFILER Player is available for Euro/ USD 698,- from the KEMPER Online Store and from
selected Dealers worldwide.
The KEMPER PROFILER Player is designed for
Modern Guitarists:
When you need the most authentic amp tones, pedals, and performance switching with a small footprint
for maximal mobility and professional consistency of tone in any genre.
Metal Guitarists:
Utmost tightness, depth and punch for extended-range guitars is what metal players need. And those rigs
that deliver exactly that are available from the vast collection of Amp Profiles created by the top producers
of genre.
Vintage amp connoisseurs:
All the relevant Amp tones are at your disposal, choose the Liquid Profiles from the Rig Packs of the factory
content and Rig Manager. The unparalleled “spongy” KEMPER spring reverb will be your go-to always on FX.
The PROFILER users say, it’s the best digitally modeled spring reverb ever.
Bass players:
Configure independent output for mic’ed bass amp Profile and DI Output to the FOH, if required.
Enjoy the PROFILER vintage analog octaver. It never loses tracking, as the original did. The unparalleled and
versatile Kemper compressor makes it easy to keep the dynamics under control and also bring out any
important nuance of your playing.
Acoustic guitar players:
Use dedicated acoustic Profiles to tame the piezo pickups of your acoustic guitars.
Season to taste with KEMPER’s studio-grade reverbs for an immersive sound
The PROFILER Player is a high-level multi-effects processor with a no-jokes tube amp simulation, ask your
guitarist 🙂
You have to try our rotary speaker Rig, which has been profiled (!) from an original Leslie 122. This should
be the best choice in case you seek a better rotary speaker emulation. And many more typical „pedal-FX“
used with keyboards for decades.

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