Apollo Pickups T-style


The development of the Apollo Pickups T-Style set started with one simple question: is it possible to Redesign and Innovate a 60+ year old design? The short answer is yes.

This set features our own Vintage Redesigned stagger on the Bridge and Neck pickup. This ensures a superior balance in volume between the strings. We wound the neck pickup with Heavy Formvar wire, which makes it sound brighter then traditional Telecaster Neck pickups. To add even more brightness, we fitted the neck pickup with an open cover. The Bridge pickup is more classic voiced and is fitted with a copper baseplate. This ensures a lot of Twang and will help you cut right trough the mix. This set is wound RWRP (reverse wound/reverse polarity) for hum cancelling in positions 2 along the 3-way selector switch.

Like all our pickups, this set is waxpotted for ultimate tone without the nasty microphonics. Heavily recommended for anyone into  rock, pop, country, blues, rockabilly and fingerpicking.



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